Occupy the Mind

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Poetry

Watching the screen I see a vision of the future
Cops in the street, tear gas, sutures
The citizen soldier shot in cold blood
Your government lies (like you knew that it would)
When will the sleeping giant awaken?
How many more of our freedoms will be taken?
Who needs fascism when brute force will do
Take a seat son, the judge will be right with you

Along the line I heard the cries
Join us, brother, don’t you realize?
The 1%ers need your power
In this age, their darkest hour
Someone holds onto a red balloon
Tear gas spreads, I cough and swoon
A little boy, brave, poses, flexes
We are the 99% and will not be rejected



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I would offer an apology
But I know I did no wrong
I would seek from you forgiveness
And put the words into this song

If I felt my words would find you
With an open mind and ear
I know that will not happen
So I’m just dying over here

You never gave me closure
I never had a chance to speak
You left me here without a paddle
In the middle of Shit Creek

If I felt my words would find you
With an open mind and ear
I know that will not happen
So I’m just dying over here

My Personal Atrological Chart

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Friday cat blogging

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I present to you, Oatmeal, Queen of Chester Avenue.


Thanksgiving Day pictures

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Here are some pics of the family from Thanksgiving at Kevin and Candy’s house.


I realize that I did not announce a mourning period the last time I posted, but I did not want to post anything here for a while. I thought on this, the one month anniversary of my mother’s death, I should post something to let my friends online know what has transpired with me in the time since I last posted.

It has been a time of deep reflection about my current situation in life. For some time now I have lived in a very depressed state because of the situation I was living in with mother’s cancer and my own health issues. I am continuing to have very serious health issues and I am trying to work things out but frankly I am having a difficult time getting it all together. Read the rest of this entry »

The day after the funeral

Posted: September 22, 2006 in Family & Friends


I sit here alone in the apartment I briefly shared with Mom, surrounded by objects reminding me of her. This is going to take some getting used to, but in many ways, I already have. Yesterday was a beautiful day, and I don’t mean just the weather was nice. The day was about as perfect as you could ask for to say goodbye to a loved one.

I got to the funeral home just before 9 am for the memorial service prior to the funeral. There was a full house at Feeney Hornak, then we proceeded over to Holy Spirit where there were even more people who turned out for the service. For a Thursday morning, a work and school day nonetheless, there seemed to be an extraordinary turnout for her sendoff. Read the rest of this entry »